EMDR Case Consultation

Case Consultation focuses on developing mastery of EMDR therapy and integrating EMDR into one’s clinical practice. Contrasted with supervision, the practitioner remains responsible for the therapeutic relationship and the competency in the therapy they provide – one of the reasons that EMDR is considered an advanced psychotherapy.

Case Consultation is arranged directly with case consultants and you will be directed to a list of possible consultants.

Please note: Supervision is also available but cannot be counted as case consultation hours. Please email to discuss this.

Case consultation can take place in person in Lake Macquarie or online. Individual and Group case consultation is available.

Book a case consultation

Individual Sessions

$240 per hour. This is well below the recommended rate published by the APS. Book below or get in touch for more information or to discuss your needs.

Please note:  All prepaid consultations must be redeemed within 12 months of purchase.

Group Sessions

Groups are usually around 4 participants, and the fee is split between attendees and can be 1 hour or 1.5 hours at $270 per hour.

Some groups like to develop a closed regular group with colleagues, people they trained with or with people who have contacted me looking for the same option. Get in touch for more information or to discuss your needs.

For participants who need the 5 hours of case consultation following part 1 or part 2 of EMDR Basic Training, specific groups of up to 10 may be offered in either 1 x 5 hour group, or 2 x 2.5 hour groups where each person has a minimum of 30 minutes to present and get feedback. Minimum numbers of 5 people per group apply. The cost of these groups is $300 for the 5 hours per person. Get in touch to find out dates for next groups.

Please note:  All prepaid group case consultations must be redeemed within 12 months of purchase.

Dr. Gillian Maddock EMDR Session

Meet The Case Consultants

Dr. Gillian Maddock

Clinical Psychologist

Gillian is a Clinical Psychologist practicing since 2007. She achieved recognition as an EMDR Institute Trainer in 2022 and is passionate about the evidence-based application of EMDR as a comprehensive psychotherapy, the further development of EMDR research and high quality EMDR education and training.

She has degrees in a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons 1) and Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Gillian works clinically in private practice and also focuses on EMDR case consulting.

Dr. Nick Cocco
Nick Cocco

Clinical Psychologist

Nick is a Clinical Psychologist practicing since 1983 in both public and private sectors with extensive experience in adult, child and family mental health services. He is currently in full time private practice.

As an EMDR Institute Trainer accredited by EMDRAA, Nick also has expert knowledge in EMDR. Nick has trained professionals via workshops, supervision and case consultation and has presented his research at the international EMDR Conference (1995), and was the main author of the second ever child case study published in a peer reviewed journal in (1993).

Irene Begg

Irene has been an EMDR Institute Facilitator and Case Consultant since 2015

She has been a Member of EMDR NZ Association since its inception in 2014 and Past EMDR NZ Chairperson.  She is a Counsellor in Private Practise in Whakatane,  New Zealand and holds membership with the NZ Association of Counsellors.  Irene is passionate about EMDR and she describes herself as an “EMDR purist”.

Irene has undertaken EMDR training to an advanced level,  attending speciality trainings such as GTEP, RTEP, Addictions,  Structural Dissociation,  EMDR and Pain Management, EMDR and Grief and Loss,  EMDR and Anger, the Progressive Approach – Delores Mosquera,  Jim Knipe Toolbox training, to name a few.  She facilitates regularly at EMDR Trainings and keeps up to date with advances in EMDR therapy and research.

Irene is available for online and in person Case Consultation for EMDR therapists both in New Zealand and Australia.