EMDR Training

EMDR Institute Basic Training gives you the foundational skills to begin using EMDR therapy.

Our Part 1 and Part 2 Basic Trainings are delivered over 3 days, with full involvement of the trainer and facilitators each day,  dedicated to teaching and supporting practicums.

Overview of basic training.

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Who can apply for EMDR Basic Training?

There is a basic level of qualification and experience that is required to undertake EMDR training. EMDR Association Australia (EMDRAA) sets these standards.

Eligibility requirements must be reviewed by the trainer for all participants registering to attend the trainings to ensure that criteria are met.

See the criteria below as it applies to your discipline to determine if you meet eligibility requirements. Please contact us if you are not sure if you meet the eligibility requirements. You may also be able to apply to EMDRAA for exceptional circumstances to train – the application is on the EMDRAA website link here:

Check your eligibility.

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Basic Training Overview

Each part is delivered over 3 days, with full involvement of the trainer and facilitators each day,  dedicated to teaching and supporting practicums.

EMDR Basic Training is comprised of Parts 1 and 2. These courses can not be completed back to back. Full Basic Trainings includes Part 1 3-day training and later Part 2 3-day training as well as clinical practice, and case consultation components between the courses and again after Part 2.

When this is completed, you will be certified has having completed Basic Training and you will be eligible for full membership of EMDRAA.

Participants who begin the EMDR training must complete the entire training within 24 months from their initial start date. Trainings can be either in person or online – please check the details of different Trainings below.

Format of Basic Training

The training consists of lecture, live and videotaped demonstrations and supervised practice. The EMDR Institute training adheres to the ethical standards of APA, social work, nursing and mental health boards. Confidentiality during training must be adhered to.

EMDR Training

Book your Advanced EMDR Trainings

EMDR Masterclass – 13-14 Feb 2024 Day 1 Focus on formulation and understanding presenting problems. Day 2 working with ego statesPort Macquarie, NSW
$650.00 (+GST)
EMDR GTEP and RTEP Online (Elan Shapiro’s protocols)6-7 April 2024 – trainer Tal Moore (NZ)
$650.00 (+GST if in NZ)

To request a training location get in touch 

  • Master Classes
  • Beyond Basics EMDR Trainings
  • Specific Topics
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Refunds Policy

Up to 60 days before training there is a full refund excluding an administration fee of $50.

Between 60 days and 21 days before training there is a 50% refund excluding administration fee of $50.

There are no refunds for cancellation within 21 days of a booked training.

Refunds will be deposited into your nominated back account when approved.


All venues where face to face training is conducted, are chosen with accessibility in mind. Please contact us if you have accessibility needs that you would like to discuss.