Grievance Policy

The EMDR Institute holds high standards for the provision of approved training. Therefore, EMDR training provided by Dr Gillian Maddock, using the EMDR Institute materials, upholds these conditions and values consistent with the ethical requirements of Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and the Psychology Board of Australia. Evaluation forms, provided during the training, are always valued and are reviewed within 1 week of receipt.

At times, a participant may encounter a problem in their experience of registering, participating in or in the delivery of training, despite best efforts. The options for addressing concerns are outlined below:

  1. In the first instance, participants are invited to contact Dr Gillian Maddock, before or during the training as an initial step. Most concerns can be resolved in this way.
  2. Complaints can also be directed to any program facilitator during the training, who will inform the trainer as soon as practical.
  3. The participant will be invited to meet with Dr Maddock, and any facilitator present, to make a note of the complaint to seek a preferred resolution from the participant.
  4. If not accessible, or if preferred, participants can submit a grievance using the form (link here)
  5. A response to a written complaint will be addressed within 5 working days from the time the complaint is received.
  6. Written responses to complaints will outline the options in response to the complaint from the trainer.
  7. In the case that the participant did not complete the training, and the complaint was in relation to the content of the training, the participant may be entitled to a full refund (less a $100 administration fee), but the participant will not be entitled to a certificate of completion.
  8. In the case that the participant did finish the training and the complaint was about the training content and flaws in the training content can be demonstrated, a full refund will be provided (less a $100 administration fee).
  9. If the complaint pertains to a facilitator / team member at the training, the grievance will be requested in writing so that it can be shared with the facilitator / team member, who will be asked to respond in writing. The trainer will mediate a resolution where possible.
  10. Where the complaint was in relation to a facilitator, the participant will be invited to participate in a repeat course in the future at no cost.
  11. Complaints of ethical concern should be directed to AHPRA 


Contact details: Forms can be emailed to or submitted via our anonymous feedback portal.